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7 Chakra Healing Tumbles

7 Chakra Healing Tumbles

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7 Chakra Healing Tumbles

Experience Harmonious Alignment with Our 7 Chakra Healing Tumble Stone Set

Discover a transformative journey towards balance and well-being with our thoughtfully curated 7 Chakra Healing Stone Set. This set offers an array of beautifully tumbled stones, each infused with the unique energies of Tiger Eye, Red Jasper, Red Carnelian, Amethyst, Labradorite, Green Aventurine, and Lapis Lazuli, designed to harmonize and restore your chakras.

A Pathway to Holistic Wellness: Chakra Healing Tumbles

Immerse yourself in the intricate world of chakra healing as you explore the specific energies of each stone. The dynamic blend of Tiger Eye, Red Jasper, Red Carnelian, Amethyst, Labradorite, Green Aventurine, and Lapis Lazuli resonates with your body's energy centers, fostering alignment and revitalization.

Red Jasper | The Zen Crystals

Red Jasper - Grounding Foundation:

Begin your journey with the grounding energy of Red Jasper, embracing the stability and security it offers to your root chakra. Feel a deeper connection to the Earth and a sense of rootedness.

Red Carnelian | The Zen Crystals

Red Carnelian - Ignite Your Vitality:

Red Carnelian's vibrant energy ignites your sacral chakra, infusing you with a renewed zest for life, creativity, and passion. Experience a surge of motivation and enthusiasm.

Tiger Eye | the Zen Crystals

Tiger Eye - Empower Your Presence:

Tiger Eye empowers your solar plexus chakra, boosting your confidence and inner strength. Walk with assurance and conquer challenges with a steadfast resolve.

Amethyst | The Zen Crystals

Amethyst - Expand Your Awareness:

Unlock the power of your third eye chakra with Amethyst, enhancing your intuition and spiritual insight. Embrace heightened awareness and a deeper connection to your inner wisdom.

Labradorite | The Zen Crystals

Labradorite - Express Your Truth:

Labradorite resonates with your throat chakra, encouraging authentic self-expression and communication. Step into your true voice and share your unique perspectives.

Green Aventurine | the Zen Crystals

Green Aventurine - Nurture Your Heart:

Green Aventurine's gentle energy nurtures your heart chakra, promoting emotional healing and compassion. Open your heart to love, empathy, and connections.

Lapis Lazuli | the Zen Crystals

Lapis Lazuli - Elevate Your Spirit:

Lapis Lazuli's regal energy aligns with your crown chakra, inviting a sense of inner wisdom and spiritual elevation. Embrace a deeper connection to the universe and your higher self.

A Gift of Transformation:

Whether you're new to chakra healing or a seasoned practitioner, our 7 Chakra Healing Stone Set makes a thoughtful and meaningful gift. Use these tumbled stones for meditation, chakra alignment, or simply carry them with you to experience their benefits throughout the day.

Elevate Your Energy:

Elevate your spiritual and physical well-being with the profound energies of our 7 Chakra Healing Stone Set. Begin your transformative journey now by adding this set to your collection.

Embrace the opportunity to enhance your life—embrace the power of chakra healing today!

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The benefits mentioned on our website are based on the spiritual characteristics of the crystal. We do not claim or guarantee any results in any particular time frame. It is advisable to do your own research about the crystals before making a purchase

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This product is handcrafted and hence may have minor imperfections that should not be misconstrued as flaws. All the natural stones have some lines and spots which are not possible to remove.

Photos are shot in a studio environment and should be considered for reference only. We do not guarantee the exact color or texture as each crystal is unique.

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