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Selenite Plate - Angel Number To Attract Money

Selenite Plate - Angel Number To Attract Money

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The Zen Crystals Selenite Plate With Engraved Angel Numbers 808 520 741

Transform your living space into a serene sanctuary with our exquisite Selenite Plate. Crafted from the purest form of selenite crystal, this stunning plate brings a multitude of benefits to your everyday life.

Benefits of Selenite Plate

  • Meaningful Decorative Display: Use the Selenite Plate as a beautiful centerpiece or decorative accent in your home. The Angel Numbers 808 520 741 engraved on the selenite plate not only attracts money and wealth but breaks negative financial habits. 
  • Recharge Other Crystals: Selenite has the ability to amplify the properties of other crystals, making it an excellent charging station. Place your other crystals or gemstones on the selenite plate and let them recharge.
  • Peaceful Meditation: During your meditation or mindfulness practice, you can hold the Selenite Plate in your hands or place it nearby. Its serene energy can help you relax, focus, and deepen your spiritual connection.
  • Better Sleep: If you desire a more restful sleep, consider placing the Selenite Plate near your bedside. Its peaceful vibrations may help create a calming environment that promotes relaxation and a deeper sleep.
  • Removes Negative Energy: Selenite is believed to have powerful energy-clearing properties. It can help remove stagnant or negative energy, making room for positive vibrations to flow freely. By incorporating our Selenite Plate into your space, you can create an uplifting atmosphere that enhances your well-being and fosters a positive mindset.
  • Improves Air Quality: Not only is our Selenite Plate aesthetically pleasing, but it also believed to serves as a natural air purifier. It is believed that is has the ability to absorb and neutralize harmful pollutants, allergens, and electromagnetic radiation, creating a cleaner and healthier environment for you and your loved ones.

How To Use Selenite Plate

Step 1: Choose A Perfect Spot - You can place the selenite plate in any room of your home or office especially areas where you spend most of your time

Step 2: Cleansing - It's essential to cleanse the selenite plate to remove any energy it may have absorbed during storage or transportation. You can do this by gently wiping it with a soft cloth or running it under cool water. You can use a sage stick or any incense stick for smudging. As selenite is a delicate crystal, avoid using any harsh chemicals or abrasive materials.

Step 3: Intention Setting - Hold the selenite plate in your hands, close your eyes and focus on what you wish to bring into your life or the purpose you want the Selenite Plate to serve. This step helps to align your energy with the crystal's properties and enhances its effectiveness.

Step 4: Placement - Find a flat and stable surface to position it. You can place it on a table, desk, shelf, or any other area where it won't be easily disturbed. Ensure that the plate is level and secure to avoid any accidental drop or damage.

Step 5: Cleansing and Maintenance - Regularly cleanse and maintain your Selenite Plate to ensure its optimal energy flow. You can wipe it with a soft cloth or use a small brush to remove any dust or debris that may accumulate over time. Avoid exposing it to water or moisture, as selenite is a fragile crystal that can dissolve if wet. Do Not Soak in water.

selenite plate The zen CrystalsAuthentication: You will receive an authentication certificate with this product.

Size - 3 inches (diameter)

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This item is eligible for a refund/return only if you receive it broken. In such cases, we will need a photo or an unboxing video. Contact us immediately to assist you in the fastest way possible.
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The benefits mentioned on our website are based on the spiritual characteristics of the crystal. We do not claim or guarantee any results in any particular time frame. It is advisable to do your own research about the crystals before making a purchase

Important Information

This product is handcrafted and hence may have minor imperfections that should not be misconstrued as flaws. All the natural stones have some lines and spots which are not possible to remove.

Photos are shot in a studio environment and should be considered for reference only. We do not guarantee the exact color or texture as each crystal is unique.

In case of bracelets, the bead count will vary depending on the size. The bead sequence can also be different than the photo shown on the website.

Orgone products e.g. Pyramids are shipped without certificate

Crystals are fragile. Handle with Care. For detailed care instructions, please connect with our team.

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