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7 Chakra Angel For Overall Wellbeing

7 Chakra Angel For Overall Wellbeing

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The Zen Crystals 7 Chakra Angel

Introducing our Seven Chakra Angel: Embrace Balance and Healing

Discover the power of our Seven Chakra Angel, a beautiful combination of angelic symbolism and the balancing properties of the seven chakras. This special creation offers a range of benefits for your overall well-being. Let's explore the simple yet profound advantages of our Seven Chakra Angel.

Benefits Of Seven Chakra Angel

1. Balance and Alignment:

Each of the seven chakras relates to different aspects of your physical, emotional, and spiritual being. The Seven Chakra Angel helps balance and align these energy centers, brings a sense of harmony and well-being. It supports the smooth flow of energy throughout your body, restoring balance to areas that may be over active or blocked.

2. Healing and Cleansing:

The Seven Chakra Angel emits healing energies that goes deep into your energy system. It helps to cleanse and clear any imbalances or blockages in your chakras, promoting vitality and overall health. As you connect with the angel's energy, you can experience a sense of rejuvenation and inner healing.

3. Spiritual Growth and Awareness:

The Seven Chakra Angel serves as a powerful tool for spiritual growth and self-awareness. By working with the energy of each chakra, it assists in expanding your consciousness and deepens your spiritual connection. It supports you on your journey of self-discovery and inner transformation.

4. Emotional Stability:

The chakras play a significant role in emotional well-being. The Seven Chakra Angel helps to balance your emotions, brings a sense of stability and calmness. It can assist in releasing emotional blockages and fostering a greater sense of peace and emotional resilience.

5. Enhancing Intuition and Clarity:

As your chakras become aligned and balanced, your intuitive abilities sharpen, and clarity of thought increases. The Seven Chakra Angel aids in activating your intuitive senses, allowing you to trust your inner guidance and make decisions with greater clarity.

6. Manifestation and Empowerment:

Each chakra is associated with different aspects of life, such as creativity, self-expression, love, and abundance. The Seven Chakra Angel helps you align these aspects, empowering you to manifest your desires and live a fulfilling life.

How To Use 7 Chakra Crystal Angel

  1. Set an intention: Before using your 7 Chakra crystal angel, set a clear intention for its purpose, such as healing, guidance, or protection.

  2. Cleanse the crystal: Start by cleansing the crystal angel to remove any lingering energies. You can use methods like smudging with sage, immersing in saltwater, or placing it under moonlight.

  3. Connect with the angel: Hold the 7 Chakra crystal angel in your hands and take a few deep breaths. Focus your attention on its energy and form a connection with its angelic essence.

  4. Meditation or prayer: Find a quiet space and sit comfortably with the crystal angel. Close your eyes and enter a meditative state or say a prayer, inviting the angel's energy to surround you.

  5. Visualize your intention: Visualize the energy of your intention flowing into the crystal angel. Imagine it amplifying and radiating the desired energy to support your purpose.

  6. Carry or place it strategically: Carry the crystal angel with you throughout the day, keeping it close to your heart or in your pocket. Alternatively, place it in a specific location like your workspace, bedside table, or altar/pooja room.

  7. Regular interaction: Interact with the crystal angel regularly by holding or meditating with it. Tune into its energy, communicate your intentions, and allow its guidance and healing vibrations to resonate with you.

  8. Trust your intuition: Pay attention to any intuitive messages or sensations you receive when working with the crystal angel. Trust your inner guidance and let it lead you to use the crystal in ways that best serve you.

  9. Cleanse and recharge: Regularly cleanse and recharge the crystal angel to maintain its vibrancy. Use methods like sunlight, moonlight, sound cleansing, or placing it on a selenite charging plate.

  10. Gratitude: Express gratitude for the assistance and blessings received from the clear quartz crystal angel. This helps to strengthen the connection and cultivate a positive energy exchange.

Remember, each person's experience with crystal angels may vary, so trust your intuition and explore the unique ways in which the crystal angel resonates with you.

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