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Why Crystals Fade?

Crystals can lose their color due to a variety of reasons, including exposure to sunlight, heat, and chemicals.

Sunlight can cause the color of some crystals to fade over time, particularly those that contain organic pigments or dyes that are sensitive to UV radiation. Heat can also affect the color of some crystals, causing them to become discolored or even crack.

Chemical exposure can also cause color loss in crystals. For example, exposure to acidic or alkaline substances can react with the mineral content of the crystal and alter its color. Additionally, exposure to certain solvents or cleaning agents can also strip away color from the crystal.

In some cases, crystals can also lose their color due to natural processes such as weathering and aging. Over time, the crystal's mineral composition may change, leading to a change in color.

It's important to note that not all crystals are prone to color loss and some are actually valued for their ability to retain their color over time. However, for those crystals that do lose their color, proper storage and handling can help minimize the effects of environmental factors that can cause discoloration.

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