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Zodiac and crystals

Crystals are interesting, and there are many different kinds to learn about. Because of their unique properties, crystals can help with change, raise awareness, solve problems, and improve our lives mentally and physically.

Each zodiac sign has a natural affinity for certain crystals and stones. When used together, they can create a powerful and mysterious energy exchange.

Did you know that each zodiac sign has a crystal starter kit? In astrology, each zodiac sign has its pros and cons. By paying attention to one's zodiac sign, one can choose a gemstone that will help bring out the qualities one values the most. Any zodiac sign can give us a way to look at how we keep returning to the same things in our lives.

Let's learn which crystals are best for each zodiac sign and why.



Element: fire

Ruling planet: Mars

March 21 – April 19

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. They are known for being brave and sure of themselves. Carnelian is the best crystal for Aries because it helps you refuel and calms your (sometimes bad) tendency to act on impulse. This stone also makes people happier by giving them energy, optimism, and joy and by helping them get rid of negative emotions like jealousy and envy.



Element: earth

Ruling planet: Venus

April 20 – May 20

Taurus needs to get out of its comfort zone as 2023 progresses. We suggest you look at this gem if you're a Taurus and have trouble putting your thoughts and wants into words. Can't find the right words to describe your feelings about your partner or roommate? Blue kyanite could bring order to the chaos and make discussions more productive.



Element: air

Ruling planet: Mercury

May 21 – June 20

Gemini puts a high value on taking care of emotional needs. This friendly sign is known for putting the happiness of others ahead of their own, even if it means putting their health at risk. By making it easier to talk about and share feelings, celestite may make relationships less stressful and tense while also making them stronger.



Element: water

Ruling planet: Moon

June 21 – July 22

Cancers need to learn how to feel their feelings without letting them control them. Cancers are known for being emotional, and red jasper can help them learn how to keep their feelings in check. If you have a lot of stress at work or school? If you are a Cancer and you tend to get angry in 2023, this stone might help.



Element: fire

Ruling planet: Sun

July 22 – August 22

This year, Leo is concentrating on finding ways to get stronger. Whether Leo's goals are business-related or romantic, this stone can help him, or her reach their goals. Tiger's eye has the frequency of self-awareness and goal-setting, which could strengthen Leo's resolve to step up their game this year.



Element: earth

Ruling planet: Mercury

August 23 – September 22

Red Jasper is known for bringing clarity and realism to any situation, just like the Virgo zodiac sign. This makes it the best crystal for this earth sign, without a doubt. The Red Jasper helps Virgo focus even more, making it easier for her to find quick and easy solutions to any problems.



Element: air

Ruling planet: Venus

September 23 – October 22

What is the best crystal for a Libra? Lapis Lazuli is the clear winner. The Libran who cares about beauty would love this design because of the deep blue color, which reminds them of the sky, and the stars' gold veins. Lapis Lazuli is a good match for the air sign Aquarius because it helps keep things in balance. With the help of the blue crystal, the sign can find inner peace as he learns more about himself and loves and accepts himself as he is.



Element: water

Ruling planets: Pluto, Mars

October 23 – November 21

Obsidian is a powerful talisman that protects because it is a crystal with a mysterious Scorpion symbol. Keeping this stone close can help you change quickly and deeply on the inside as you deal with the causes of any pain you may feel. It strengthens the water sign's natural intuition and protects it from bad energy. In the end, the Obsidian has to face its darkness, which shines a light on problems for which there is no solution.



Element: fire

Ruling planet: Jupiter

November 22 – December 21

Turquoise is the best stone for a Sagittarius. This stone helps you find a balance between your thoughts and feelings, lessen the stress of having "too much to do," and learn how to identify and prioritize the things that will positively affect your health and happiness. When Turquoise is with you, you can make decisions more quickly.



Element: earth

Ruling planet: Saturn

December 22 – January 19

The best crystal for Capricorn is jade, a beautiful stone with a deep green color. This is because jade helps you remember things, makes it easier to talk to people, and makes you think of bold and creative ideas. In short, it can help the sign say what it wants clearly and audibly. Jade will help the sign reach its deepest, most genuine goals, especially in love and business.



Element: air

Ruling planet: Uranus, Saturn

January 20 – February 18

One of our favorite crystals that goes with the Aquarius sign is aquamarine. This stone strongly affects the mind, making it easier for the intuitive Aquarius to find solutions to problems. It's also a great way to work on your feelings, especially if you're stuck or have trouble letting go of things in social situations.



Element: water

Ruling planets: Neptune, Jupiter

February 19 – March 20

The perfect stone for a Pisces? In one word: the amethyst. The purple stone shows that people born under the sign of the water phoenix have a strong sense of spirituality. Amethyst is great for sensitive Pisces because it can help them develop their intuition and protect them from negative energies. Last but not least, this crystal can improve focus, making it easier to pay attention to what matters most and helping Pisces come down to earth after spending too much time in the sky.



Before you look into the crystals for your zodiac sign, you should know what energy you want to boost or keep steady. First, you should know that your astrological makeup is more complicated than your sun sign. There are a lot of free birth charting resources on the internet, but we've picked out a few that we think you'll find very useful. We suggest it so you can learn more about how the planets were lined up when you were born and understand how important it was for you to come to Earth.




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