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Correct your posture for a beautiful face

Everyone knows the significance of correct posture. It shapes your body, builds a bolder body language and builds your confidence. But do you know it can also help you in maintaining a youthful face and happy skin?

Your posture naturally holds your body. And just as bad body posture can lead to a serious curve in your spine or rounded shoulders, poor facial posture leads to wrinkles in those places of tension.

Let’s check out what these correct postures are and how they help us in maintaining a beautiful and glowing skin.

Rest the tongue on the roof of your mouth

At rest the tongue should be to the roof of the mouth. It should be relaxed and not touch the teeth. You should know that throughout the day, our tongue keeps moving from the roof of your mouth to the teeth and sometimes even between your teeth. We might not do it consciously but the correct way to rest your tongue is to rest it on the roof and not strain the movement. Incorrect tongue posture may affect your cheekbone structure.

Do not grind your teeth

Your teeth should not be touching each other and should be slightly apart from each other. Clenched jaw or grinding of teeth can be a reason for not only poor jawline structure but can also cause frequent headaches and neck pain.

No purging of lips

Your lips should be together without strain. They should rest lightly on one another but should not be pressed towards inside or form purging lines. This forms wrinkles around our smile lines and frown lines and not to forget the downward purging lines.

Keep your shoulders back.

Slouching shoulders can cause the most damage from double chin to neck pain and leading to severe cervical pain. You should always align the neck to your backbone with relaxed shoulders.

Pull your stomach in.

We all have been guilty of letting our belly jiggle like a bowl full of jelly. However, when we sit with our stomach out, we cause damage to our skin around the waist area which later results in forming a tyre like structure and multiple creasing lines due to the bulge. Always pull your stomach in when sitting.

Keep your head level.

Your face should be parallel to the level of the earth. You should not be looking down or poking your chin up. The beauty is in the balance, right? This will enhance your neckline giving your correct posture for jawline and also helps in avoiding crease of your forehead, eyebrows or eye region.

By avoiding these basic posture mistakes, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a little help from facial yoga, you can maintain a healthy facial structure and youthful and glowing skin.

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