Everything to Know about Crystal healing

Know All About Crystal Healing

Healing yourself in the times of such uncertainty is the key to preserving your mental and physical health for a longer period of time. All of us have been a part of this roller coaster ride since the initiation of the pandemic. We have been circling around the aspects of our life which were pretty sorted only until we hit this “COVID” bump. We have seen all kinds of struggles related to personal life, professional life, mental health, job related concerns, and not to forget, physical health related concerns.

While many of us have adjusted to the ‘new normal’, some of us are still under the effects and have been unable to shake off the concerns. We might be still finding out ways to find another job because we had to leave the previous one due to the uncertain economy, some of us are healing from the loss of a closed one, many of us are simply unable to understand the sudden ups and lows that our life has shown us for last two years and has caused us mental stress. Concerns are endless but solutions seem to be very limited.

Since it has been 2 years, we are in the process of finding our peace with the entire situation and hence, here, I would like to share a way through which I was able to find my peace in times of desperate uncertainties. And the route that I took was of spiritual awakening through crystals.

Crystal healing is an ancient spiritual practice that includes calming yourself by awakening your chakras with the help of meditation, yoga and crystals. It is a type of alternative therapy that involves using gemstones to bring balance to an individual's life and mind. Crystals are known to "have a stable and unchanging energy pattern, each with a unique frequency and energy field, or resonance" that gives them special properties.”

Although it is an ongoing process of healing yourself, you can always start from a point of understanding your concern and work on the process. While, many of us want a quick solution. Crystal healing is more of an energy driven process which works wonders with time. So here, to start you off with what all concerns you can curb through which crystal.

Work Stress – The first ever effect of the pandemic that all of us had to deal with was related to our work. It didn’t matter if you were an employee, a small business owner or a multi-billionaire empire. Everyone had a situation to tackle. Either it was working from home, salary cuts or losing a job. Every new day was stressful. And I was one of those who was secure with a job but not sure how to handle the ‘WFH’ as we call it. It was fun for the first few days. I mean, staying at the comfort of your home and working in your pyjamas? Wow! But soon it started wearing off.

Lack of communication between teams due to distant stations started leading to the confusion and soon it started affecting the quality of our work. Connecting over zoom calls to confirm even the simplest of the information was another point of irritation for us. And days started getting longer. There was no work life balance left. And it started taking us to the breaking point.

However, since I was already studying about the crystal healing and had access to the crystal healing stones, I thought why not try it. Amethyst Stone to the rescue. Amethyst stone works on your third eye and crown chakra. Which aims to provide relief in times of tension. Gives you intuition to help combat difficult situations/decisions and can also help you detoxify if you're going through any addiction.

Clarity – It’s not a revelation that all of us were under a smog of thoughts of whether or not the situations are going to improve. There was no clarity of what is going to happen in the next few months. And there was this continuous feeling of vagueness. There were days when it was hard to leave the bed cause I was shaken from the thought of having to loose control over my life and the series of ‘what ifs’ I turned to Lapis Lazuli Stone which works on throat and third eye chakra and gives you peace and clarity to gain the control of your mind back.

Clearing exhaustion – Like every other person on this planet, I was too exhausted by the sheer thought of getting stuck to this situation forever. Work stress, worrying about the safety of my family and friends, forced to stay at home without any further information and day by day growing fear of the unknown, it was exhausting to take another day of the same events. This is when I started working with Yellow agate stone. It works on solar plexus chakra which provides you with stability and helps you build a strong physical foundation.

Confidence – With everything above happening around, you are bound to lose your confidence. And that is when I started taking help of the Red Carnelian stone. It doesn’t only work on your root chakra but also works on your overall well-being.

Creativity – We started moving to doing something which soothes our senses and helps us stay entertained and at the same time helps us feel good about ourselves. This was the time where all of us got hold of a hidden chef, painter or even plant enthusiast in ourselves. But to keep the creative juices flowing, I again took help of the Red Carnelian Stone.

Wealth – No, I am not saying crystals can help you build wealth. But you surely do get a sense of clarity on how to invest your wealth and how to calm the urge of spending money on something which might not turn out to be an asset for you in a longer period of time. The understanding of your requirements and your wise decisions makes you wealthy. And this is the work of Green Jade Stone.

Relationship – We were always worried and connected with our loved ones. Pandemic just brought us a little closer. But for those who were either drifted apart due to the lockdown or health reasons or simply people who were worried about their families in such times of difficulty, Rose Quartz Stone helped and healed the feelings for our family.

Starting with the self-healing path is very simple. Awakening your chakras might seem difficult at first. But if you are able to devote just 5-10 minutes of your daily life, you can achieve a sense of peace and it will bring you a lot of prosperity.

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