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All you wanna know about face massagers and face rollers The Zen Crystals

All you wanna know about face massagers and face rollers

When it comes to skin care, we all look for options that are natural, risk free, pocket friendly and effective. Recently, there have been so many discussions about the new quick fix face tool, Face Rollers and Gua Sha. You must have seen the promising advertisements of face rollers that guarantee beautiful glowing skin and that can help you reduce wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness and double chin? The promises seem to be very lucrative and the process seems to be very simple. But is it?


So what is a face roller and how does a face roller work? There must have been many such questions in your mind while looking through these ads or even visiting any such websites which sell them. After all, we are smart consumers. We research about the products before buying them, and rightly so. So what is this face carving tool and what is all this fuss about?


We know that you have many questions about the same. So, we decided to answer all your questions.

What is a face roller?

Face roller is a beauty tool originating from Ancient China as a skin care ritual. It is said to first be used in the 7th century under the Qing Dynasty China. Back then, it was only used by the elite class. It was used along with essential face oils to help the oils penetrate the skin and double the effectiveness. It is said to be the most effective beauty secret and is still used by most people, all around the world.

Although it originates from China, there have been mentions of similar beauty stones in the ancient history of African Egypt and has also been used by the Mayans. This only proves that the said tool has been renowned for its healing components and has been helping in providing beauty treatments for a long time.

How to use a face roller?

Using a face roller is very simple. It can be used twice a day and it gives quick results. To use the face roller, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Place your roller in the fridge for 10-15 minutes before using it.
  2. Wash your face and hands with a mild cleanser. Try to avoid using a chemical based cleanser. You can use home made or any organic product.
  3. Pat dry your face. Do not rub the towel against your skin as it causes skin irritation which later results in acne breakouts and pimples.
  4. Apply a mild moisturizer or face oil. Organic face oils give better results than any chemical based moisturizing creams.
  5. Now to start with the center of your forehead glide it towards the corners of your forehead making an upward semi-circle over your eyebrows. Repeat it 10 times on either side.
  6. Now place the smaller side of the stone under your eyes. Start from the inner corner of your eyes and glide towards the outer side of your eyes. Repeat the same 10 times on either side.
  7. Coming to your cheekbones, use the wider side of the roller and massage from the side of your nose towards your ears. Only use outwards motion. Do it gently. Do not put much pressure.
  8. Now we are going to do the jawline, for this, use the smaller side of the roller. Towards the center of your face and under your chin, gently glide it towards outwards. Repeat the same 10 times for each side. With regular massage in this region, you can reduce your double chin and define your chin, jawline.
  9. Finally, we are going to do the neck region. Gently glide the wider side of your roller from your collar bone towards your chin and jawline area. Multiple reps of this motion will give you chiseled neckline.


What does a face roller do?

Face rollers are a great way to reduce under eye circles, puffiness, wrinkles and acne. The cooling property of the stone helps in rejuvenating the skin and by regular massage, it also helps in lymphatic drainage which results in better circulation and smoother skin.

What is Lymphatic drainage and what is its effect on my face?

Lymphatic drainage is basically a process of “draining” fluids from your lymph nodes. We have multiple lymph nodes on our face which work as a tunnel and carry various fluids through our face. Sometimes, when the flow is hindered due to any factor, it affects our face and can result in various skin conditions.

By gently massaging our face on equal intervals, without pressing hard on the vessels, one can have a healthy lymphatic drainage and can retain a healthy and glowing skin.

Does face roller really work?

Like any workout routine of exercise, if done properly and regularly, it gives great results. You need to maintain a daily routine. Use the tool properly and you can definitely see the results. But like every exercise, you need to have a healthier lifestyle and habits to achieve greater and long lasting results.

You need to have a proper diet plan. Not one of the excruciating diets where you just live on leaves and yucky smoothies. But you can decrease your sugar and salt intake, avoid oily/fried food and watch out for the carbs. No, we are not asking you to reduce it completely. But you can reduce the amount of such food items to achieve great results.

Which face roller is best?

While there is a huge variety of face rollers. The most popular are the Jade (green) and Rose Quartz (pink). If your skin is oily, you can use Rose Quartz Roller and if you have dry or a combination skin then you can use Jade Roller.

Does face roller help with double chin?

Double chin can be a result of various factors. It could be because of your age, because of your posture, because of the fat residual on your face and because of poor lymphatic drainage. Hence, it is necessary to understand the factor which is causing your double chin. You can reduce the same by understanding the causing factor and then working on the same.

In any given case, face rollers can definitely help you reduce the double chin. It can prove to be a benefiting factor by daily massaging your jawline area and your neck area. As it will unblock the lymphatic nodes and it will also generate heat by massaging, which will help you burn the face fat.

There is no scientific proof, but users do swear by the results. Regular usage of face rollers does help you carve your face. Hence, you can reduce the double chin with regular exercise of face rollers.

How Often should I use the face roller?

The best way to use the face roller is by using it twice a day. You can massage your face in the morning while getting ready for your day and then use it at night before putting on your night cream. It is advised to massage your face for a good 10 minutes each time for great results.

Now that we have answered most of your questions, we hope we were helpful and you have clarity and better understanding of this tool. We definitely encourage you to try this tool. And why not? Ancient people were doing it and they were doing it for a reason! So why not try it and see the results for yourselves?

Just remember, it is a face tool and not a magic wand. You will require a healthy lifestyle and habits to have long lasting effects. And you should not leave the routine of achieving your carved face. Do continue to massage your face on a daily basis. It is a healthy practice and we all know that a little self-love never hurts anyone. So, what are you waiting for? Keep rolling people.

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